February 23, 2012

Not Going to Lie...

I've been so uninspired by the majority of shows so far!
I'm hoping Milan and Paris will wow me with something new and exciting.

I'll keep this relatively short
but here are some trends I'm confident will be migrating to your closet from Fall/Winter 2012 so far:

  • Bulky matte leather - Whether it be pant, coat or dress form
  • Sheeny and Shiny Metallics - Anything with a iridescent tone and in pretty much any colour
  • Fur - It's a given, but it has been everywhere, especially in the form of accessories and on shoulders/sleeves
  • Velvet - unfortunately (I'm REALLY not a fan) but it's seen on the daily
  • Embellishments - of any kind, clusters, symmetrical, patterned you name it!
  • Florals - Not only are they for spring! My favourites were seen on shoes and bags like at Christopher Kane or Erdem. Floral pants will become a must-have item!
  • Rich moody colours - wine/burgundy, deep purples, moss green and royal blues
  • Brocade - Love this! and Jacquard too
  • Menswear - As always for winter, but wearing a suit jacket or slacks has never looked so good!
  • Printed - photo and highly realistic prints, think Mary Katrantzou or Peter Pilotto
  • Military - thank God for this but I think it'll make a come back! Always loved this look
  • All white - snow queen ice princess anyone? I think yes, all white for winter!
  • Boots - ankle, knee length, leather, printed! 
  • And I'll say it again but LEATHER AND FUR, seriously I'll be surprised if there are any animals left after this season! (please go faux if possible)
And lastly I'd like a little congratulations to DION LEE,
I featured this talented young designer earlier on this blog and he had his first show in LONDON FASHION WEEK a few days ago! Well done, it was a success, he even had Kanye West design the shoes for the collection and if that isn't instant A-list approval I don't know what is!

The collection was inspired by the idea of breathing and "Specifically...inspiration from lungs, and the way air moves through things, along with how the body responds to air." Beautifully breathable fabrics with vein-like structure and the lightest organza that sheerly shielded the skin. Everything had transparent and reflective qualities and created a beautifully filmy yet tailored presentation.

Collage by me image sources style.com and The Australian

Check out HERE for a behind the scenes look narrated by Lee himself on his Autumn/Winter 2012/13 collection and starring the beautiful Ruby Jean Wilson

Decoded: By Kate

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