Welcome to Decoded: by Kate,

This is my ode to all things fashion and my way of expressing my passion.

Essentially Decoded will be breaking down this seasons trends, collections, designers visions and all things style and fashion to help simplify and navigate the fast paced and sometimes overwhelming industry.

I am a 17 year old year 12 student from Australia and I aspire to work in the field of fashion either in PR, marketing, journalism with of course the ultimate goal of working for a top fashion magazine, throw in the position of editor in chief and I'm in heaven! Basically I'm a girl obsessed, I spend hours trolling through websites and my beloved coffee table books sourcing all the knowledge and experience I can. And of course theres the sleepless nights during runway seasons spent on style.com eagerly refreshing the page to view the latest Celine or Prada shows. But that's normal... right? Well apparently wrong to my family. 
That's what has lead me to this, the realization that a career in fashion is a must. I love so many fields of the industry but at this young age, I'm happy to sit back and see where things take me because I know there's so much more out there to experience and learn.

Follow my journey, my inspiration and my thoughts on Decoded: by Kate.

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