February 12, 2012

Iridescence Mini-Review

I love anything with iridescence, especially in these tones. I loved it last season at Sportmax especially and I love it here. Prabal had a nice continuation from his SS’12 line here but what I’m most excited for now is what he does next. This was almost safe in the way that it was kind of expected. He has a strong fan following now with retailers, editors and the likes so I think his next step is important in deciding the longevity of his career.

People will still love him regardless because that’s the way fans work,
but personally next season I want to see something new.
Don’t get me wrong, I love the collection/s and his innovation and design I’m just hoping for his sake that he lasts in this sink or swim industry. And my gut tells me he will.

Anyway, that's my input on one of my favourite elements at Prabal's show, Decoded: ByKate

(Again, sorry for the brief posts but I'm stresssed with work and can't formulate a post to the standard I prefer (frustratingly I'm a perfectionist) so it's this or nothing)

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