December 15, 2012


It supposedly makes the heart grow fonder, so did you miss me?

I could list off multiple excuses (all of which somewhat related to school) and dwell in the past but what's the point when I'm here now and have far more exciting things to discuss and document. With year 12 over I feel refreshed and free of obligation allowing room for glimmers of my creative side to re-roar their fruitful heads. And you know what that means for you? More posting!

And don't you worry, I didn't completely isolate myself in the depths of business books and paint brushes all year, I still managed to keep up with all the ins and outs of the industry (and boy have there been a influx of them, most recent being my boy at Balenciaga Nicolas, who called it quits after 15 years as creative director of the french brand and lets not yet go into the touchy subject of his successor.) If you've kept up with my other ramblings and visual eye candy in the way of my tumblr, twitter and freshly hatched instagram (yes, I finally surrendered and made the switch from BB to iPhone) then you may have gotten a little insight into the latest goings on in my life, and the fact that I am indeed alive and posting, I just neglected this baby for the long cold winter.

I won't lie, it's been daunting trying to get into the blogging groove again, so I'm starting off small to get the ball rolling and since the end of the year is near it can mean only one thing, holiday season. So here is my ($$dream$$) go to outfit for any celebratory party i'd have the honor to attend. Equal parts festive, fashion forward and fun.

Happy Holidays
ELLERY Sweet Sakura Shift Dress / Yves Saint Laurent Platform Heels / Charlotte Olympia Mistletoe Pandora - Christmas Clutch / Star Pendant Necklace

So, have yourself a joyful time of year and celebrate a little lot. That means compulsory champagne for breakfast come Christmas day and an any-excuse-will-do attitude to dress up and dance.

Happy holidays!


  1. So glad your back ,look forward to more posts soon.x

  2. love your blog! i just bookmarked it :)

    i would love you to check out my blog and let me know what you think of it! any advice would be very appreciated!!